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Annette Rivers is Going To Get All Up In Your BUSINESS:


There’s many people who need information to start their own business because they think things can be more lucrative than a 9 to 5. While this can be true, doing a business that you’re not engrossed in can still leave you with the sour feeling of doing work. What I suggest as a prerequisite is finding your purpose.
In my Destination Destiny Workshop, I emphasize that finding your purpose is prime.

We work on exercises to engage that thought pattern and then transition into making the purpose align with a business. That isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Purpose is usually a lot more specific than the generalizations that we draw up. So, I suggest finding a specific element and applying it to a business category to be housed. Some people end up frustrated and burned out because the business category they chose wasn’t the right fit for their purpose. It discourages some and makes them walk away. That’s why this exercise is key.

Allow me to bring this important note: Purpose does not always mean financial stability. It’s true. Purpose is the gift, talent or ability, given to you, specifically, to bring about a change. Change does not always bring a financial reward along. However, fulfilling and finding your life’s purpose can bring about rewards in other ways.

Generalizations can cause people to make mishaps when identifying their purpose. There are many people who believe that their purpose is as general as, making money. Understand me, money is necessary for sustaining life but that does not make it your purpose. Sustainability in this life is a necessity, not a purpose.

Once the purpose is established, understanding the structure of the business is key. There’s several different structures and each have their own pros and cons attached, you should find out what makes the most sense for your end game. For the business structure to be effective the resolve must lie in fulfilling purpose. "By altering your purpose to fit into some other form, you'll lose the fulfillment your soul longs for".

For all of that, you might as well stay at that 9 to 5.

You’ll be just as miserable end the end.

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