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How Real Is Fear?

Annette Rivers:How Real Is Fear? However Real You Make It.


Opposition exists all around us, if we allow it. I say that because YOU are the common factor everywhere you go. Your own way of thinking can be the greatest challenge in overcoming opposition. We must realize that our mind is the CPU, sending the signals to the rest of the body. those signals are dictating what the mind perceives as truth. Cultivating a positive mindset is essential to your success which starts and ends with YOU.

It is important to also realize the external opponents to your positive mindset. Often, some of the greatest influences to our mind are the people we hang around. Sometimes, we aren’t in a situation to change our friends overnight but let me suggest a great place to start. Learning to cut down and eventually, eliminate negative comments stated by family and friends is essential. You must be aware that even some people who mean you the greatest help can be a hindrance.

Most times, we simply pick up bad advice from people who never did what we are doing. One of the greatest warnings that you’ll receive from friends and family is to avoid risk. I want to bring the following awareness, in order to be successful in anything, you must be willing to take a risk. We don’t have the luxury of being a divine entity; meaning, we do not know the end of a thing when it starts. Because we don’t know the outcome, the risk exists. However, we must be willing to explore the result if we are to discover if success lies in our pursuit.

The problem with the "risk warning" also arises because it creates fear. Fear prohibits us from finding our actual purpose. If we allow fear to cripple us, we will never go beyond identifying our purpose. Sadly, many have allowed it to stop the awareness of purpose all together. What we must realize and remember is, the commonly used acronym for fear: false evidence appearing real. Your purpose is more important than the false evidence that appears to be real. Again, changing your mindset, changing the input to your CPU allows for greater vision. Fear blocks greater vision with evidence that skews your reality.

The challenge lies in your mind. Will you make the decision to actively overcome opposition?

Destiny and purpose are waiting. Choose wisely.

2 thoughts on “How Real Is Fear?

  1. It’s all in the mind. The mind is the strongest muscle that we have and we don’t even comprehend it. If you believe that you can’t then you won’t it is as simple as that. Fear is false evidence appearing real it is an illusion an nothing else. Fear is as strong as you allow it to be. Don’t let it have power over you. Laugh at fear for trying to be a real boy. Thank you Annette this really helped me today! God bless!

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