Mastering Everything by Annette Rivers

M.E. understands that you know how to excel. But M.E. also understands that you struggle to excel for yourself. You need to stop feeling guilty for wanting to time alone, for wanting better, for wanting a better situation. There’s much more to life than the serving. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with serving, but too much of anything can become bad for you. M.E. wants to re-center your energy and focus, so you can achieve the needed balance in your life.


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The tagline to this book is "Mastering Everything But Losing You In The Process" and it resonates with me. I try to be there for everyone every time that they need me; I over-exert myself fighting for others, caring for others, and trying to be the best (insert relationship here) that I can be. I was running on empty making sure that everybody else had gas to keep going. This book is going to answer some questions for me like "Why did I do it?", "When do I take time for me?", and "When do I say no?". I'm looking forward to this book because it's for M.E. and I miss me.

Willie Brown January 4, 2018

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...the book of our Leader Annette Rivers, "MASTERING EVERYTHING" is going to be an outstanding book that is going to touch the hearts of God's people, and all who will be partakers of her book.

Michael December 30, 2017

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Mastering Everything by Annette Rivers(an extremely talented author), is a highly anticipated book in which I am so looking forward to reading! She continues to utilize her God given gift to inspire us all.

Lance Smith December 26, 2017

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I am looking forward to this book! Everyone should find a balance of caring for others, but not forgetting about yourself in the process. Mastering Everything is ME! It includes me! It doesn't put me last and I want to love me first. I can't wait to read this book. It's not selfish when you do for others and put yourself first, its called loving yourself. #ME #bookworm #readingisfundamental

Jessica Lee December 20, 2017

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#MasteringEverything I am super stoked to get this book by Annette Rivers!!! I read her Destiny Driven book and it was so on point and on time, so to say i am anticipating #M.E is an understatement. Waiting to see what she'll be talking about in this piece has me on the edge of my seat. She has so much wisdom and knowledge that it is strikingly refreshing to read her work. If you're not familiar with her, I suggest that you check out her material at
The best part of her material is that it is not one-dimensional or rigid; it is for every type of person no matter the ethnicity, age, or belief. Any and everyone can gain knowledge from this work of art doesn't matter how you interpret it; you will learn something new. With that being said I am so ready! #YouCantHelpUsUntilYouHelpYourself

Brittney B. December 7, 2017

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I'm looking forward to the release of our Leaders New Book! Annette Rivers has BLESSED ME in her "Words of Wisdom"; using everyday tasks that relate to where I am NOW in MY LIFE!! This book will be a BLESSING TO MANY, YES! Looking forward to its release.

Debora Price December 4, 2017