What is the booth rental fee?
The fee is $75 for 1 day or $125 for both days
What does the rental include?
The rental includes: Skirted table, two chair, an easel, and an ID sign.
What am I able to sale?
No food or beverages allowed; we will dictate if your merchandise can be sold at our event.
If I don't get any sales or interaction between the guests?
The Surge Centers of America are not responsible and/or accountable for any sales or lack thereof between vendor and Experience Participants during this event. We only provide the space for your merchandise to be sold. The rental of a booth or booths are at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss you may incur.
If I can't make it to the event can I get a refund?
**IMPORTANT** Anyone selling products displaying the logo or name of The Surge Experience MUST first get permission from The Surge Centers of America or product (s) will be confiscated and possible vendor ejection.