What is Kingdom Talk?

What is Kingdom Talk?

Kingdom Talk is a talk show created and hosted by Annette Rivers, with the purpose of addressing issues from a Kingdom perspective. Gathering perspectives and making cases without seeing it with a Kingdom-eye, causes us to miss out on the big picture. Simply put...

If You’re Not Talking About the Kingdom, You’re Missing It!

There are plenty of talk shows in which people discuss everyday topics and life goals. There’s plenty of good advice being given and the intentions are great but Kingdom trumps good advice every day, all day.

Kingdom differs because Kingdom will actually take residence within you. It’s not advice to remember but an actual functioning part of who you are. As the Kingdom expands its residence inside you, the fruits of it will become more evident. Not to get too deep but there’s already a kingdom inside you and the only thing to expel it is another, greater, more powerful Kingdom.

Kingdom Talk takes topics in an out-the-box way. It's fun and edgy, but also relevant and realistic. Life Coach Annette Rivers hosts the show, so if you know Annette then you know it's sure to be juicy!

Kingdom Talk: Let’s TALK About It!