You are active in Social Groups, Community Organizations, and/or Church, but you leave meetings and gatherings feeling something is still missing, there is more to explore, there’s much more to witness and receive. You are correct. It's time out for the mediocre, repeated pattern. There is greater. In my video, I'll detail how Greater is Coming.

The U.S. Census Bureau says 2.7 Million church members become "inactive" every year.

If you’re one included in that number then you know it was likely due to one of the following reasons: negligence, disillusionment, or abuse/hurt/offence.

My Greater is Coming Experience is key to not only assisting you with the hurt that stemmed from ministry but to position you into a place to receive the GREATER. Many people who have been affected by the church have no intention to step back inside the building. Many are upset at God for allowing them to be led by leadership that was corrupted. This Greater is Coming Experience is only the beginning to position you into a place to repair the brokenness in your heart.


You want to take part in the Greater is Coming Experience because it's time for the greater to come in your life. Enough settling for less because of bad experiences in relationships, organizations and even the church. Our nation is in the middle of a tumultuous shift. We must be willing to unite. We must be willing to hear. We must be willing to align.

We’ve run out of time with maintaining and holding on to pattern(s) of no elevation. We have the proof that these systems are ineffective to sustained progress. This is the time to go forward in the mandate of a Kingdom Assignment. There are plenty of leaders who are seeking for the more, who are keenly aware that “as-usual” is not the remedy or position of the day. Guess what? You are right!

With the Greater is Coming Experience, I will be informing participants of a Leadership Guide that will help position your group or organization for more. Imagine if you knew what avenue would get you to the next level. Imagine if you knew what tweaks in your speech could propel you forward at a greater velocity and cause your group or organization to excel in the MORE.

That's what I am going to cover.

Position yourself for the shift.

Plug into the power.

There's power to Do, Be and SPEAK for this new season.