Motivational, Insightful, Inspirational, and World-Shaking! You’ve never read a book like these; the perspective of which she comes from is refreshing and ground-breakingly real. Check out these work of arts!

There’s a leader within you, you’ve probably heard that said at least once. Annette Rivers is going to do more than just talk to you about the subject, she is going to give you the essential tools and outlook to successfully pull that leader to the forefront!
M.E. understands that you know how to excel. But M.E. also understands that you struggle to excel for yourself. You need to stop feeling guilty for wanting to time alone, for wanting better, for wanting a better situation. There’s much more to life than the serving. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with serving, but too much of anything can become bad for you. M.E. wants to re-center your energy and focus, so you can achieve the needed balance in your life.