Why Choose Workshops by Annette Rivers?

Workshops and trainings usally receive a bad rep with most people equating a workshop to a lecture hall which obviously reeks of boredom! However, as a business woman Annette understands the value of time and not wasting it. Therefore, she assesses the topic at hand and considers how every learning type can receive the benefits often having people on the edge of their seats with excitement. For the tactile learners she may distribute hands-on projects, for the visual there will be lots of aids, and for the auditory learners you’ll have plently of eye-popping sound bytes to keep you going well after the event has concluded. If you have never attended a Workshop by Annette Rivers, then you’ll be in for a ride. Fasten your seat belts and leave lackluster aspirations at the door because you are able to laugh, shout, cheer, and even shed tears of joy and hope as a workshop guest. It doesn’t matter your gender, Annette is sure to give you what you need to empower your everyday life from the mundane to a higher plane!

Workshops by Annette Rivers

A ticket to “Workshops by Annette Rivers”, gives you access to Life Coach Annette Rivers without the budget. Take advantage of these opportunities as she tours bringing her featured workshops/symposiums to a city near you. As you’ll discover, Annette Rivers mentors leaders and aspiring leaders for a reason. She has valuable insight and a unique perspective that are both necessary tools to advance in an ever-growing and ever-changing climate, called life. Annette doesn’t just coach you, she coaches you to LIFE!